AMTAG Global


AMTAG Global, founded in 2014 by alumni of National Law Institute University Bhopal, is a growing team of expertise professionals of Information Security, Advisory Services, Cyber Law, Business Consulting and more. In the contemporary business paradigm AMTAG Global is destined to ensure satisfaction of the client with quality services.

We believe in excellence in whatever we do. Our multi-specialty services under one brand makes us a substantial consulting firm. As a thriving organization we believe in values and ethics in our work and our employees are posed to a symbiotic working culture where they can evolve themselves as a professional and at the same time achieve personal and organizational goals.

Our team is creative and possess a highly impregnable foundation where we are committed to deliver flawless services as output to the clients. As a budding firm we pursue to achieve excellence in delivering our services by enhancing our research based aptitude and innovation and originative thinking.

AMTAG Global, as an organization, believes that learning should be a never ending process; henceforth, we are very much open for research and re-research and are absolutely adhered to the agile model of development. We, as a team, are focused for perfection in all of our endeavors.


Unlike other organization we consider Advisory Services as "One Stop Solution" for Risk and Business Advisory under the Legal Tenacity. We, at AMTAG Global, will help you out to your aspirations into reality.


We understand that an effective planning and strategy is essential to excel in business endeavors. We delivers appropriate business research and strategy planning to the client,like you, to bring them the satisfaction about their market and business methodologies. We as a team believes that a deep understanding of the customers’ desires and market is important in order to progress the business effectively. We have a […]


We help our clients to identify and mitigate the risks embedded to the processes and achieve the business objectives. We ensures to safeguard the companies’ risk and are committed to provide a “risk free” business. Our risk advisory team has versatility for working on Information Security, Compliance, BCP/DRP, Governance and IT Service Management.    


With the advancement of internet as a technology, the rate of cyber crimes has increased exponentially. The commercialisation of electronic business, viz. e-commerce the need to understand the legal tenacity of cyberspace is essential. The legality of cyber world is a specialized issue and for legal advisory professionals with relevant learning and understanding are needed. AMTAG Global possess a specialized team with relevant prudence to […]

AMTAG Global is adhered to its objective which is to provide a better Information Security Posture to the cyberspace. Our vision is to bring innovative and quality ideas which can drive on the expectations of our client.

AMTAG Global understands its Corporate and Social Responsibilty, hence, we arranges maximum possible trainings and seminars irrespective of geographic boundations. Our aim is to build a peaceful cyber world where stakeholders should know the legal as well as technical tenacity to protect themselves.

We believe in providing Excellence, Innovation and Quality in everything we do. Considering the “CIA” pillars of Information Security, we have also set our principles as Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability. As a budding organization we are bound to match the global pace while maintaining integrity in work; ultimately “crafting a superior business environment”.


AMTAG Global organizes time to time  seminar, workshop and training on Cyber Law and Information Security targeting the following audience:

  • Students (Management, Engineering and Law)
  • Professionals
  • Government Employees (Judicial and Law Enforcement)