With the advancement of internet as a technology, the rate of cyber crimes has increased exponentially. The commercialisation of electronic business, viz. e-commerce the need to understand the legal tenacity of cyberspace is essential. The legality of cyber world is a specialized issue and for legal advisory professionals with relevant learning and understanding are needed.

AMTAG Global possess a specialized team with relevant prudence to deal with issues of Cyber Crime and provides advisory for Copyright issues, Authorship dispute, trademark and trade secret issues, and others that are being consulted under the legal umbrella of Indian Judicial Accounts.

Cyber Law ConsultancyIPR Dispute Consultancy

The increase in e-commerce has resulted in a greater chance of occurrence of cyber crime. Today every individual is having an identity in virtual world of internet. Hence, the risk of getting compromised could not be denied at any point.
Our team of Cyber Law Professionals are well versed with the Legal Accounts and are ready to help any client may it be individual, organization or government. We provides consultancy and investigation for:

  • Manipulating individual accounts
  • Phishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Data diddling
  • Defacements
  • Pharming in monetary transactions
  • Any offense that has been caused in the digital medium

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is an instruments that protects the moral and economical rights of the owner of that property. Since, many fame or monetary related gains are concerned with IPR, the risk of disputes is very high. We as Legal Consultants helps the clients to resolve:

  • Disputes related copyright, patent and trademark.
  • Disputes related to authorship.
  • Investigation to find out the infringement of the client’s rights in Indian market.