AMTAG Global, founded in 2014 by alumni of National Law Institute University Bhopal, is a growing team of expertise professionals of Information Security, Advisory Services, Cyber Law, Business Consulting and more. In the contemporary business paradigm AMTAG Global is destined to ensure satisfaction of the client with quality services.

We believe in excellence in whatever we do. Our multi-specialty services under one brand makes us a substantial consulting firm. As a thriving organization we believe in values and ethics in our work and our employees are posed to a symbiotic working culture where they can evolve themselves as a professional and at the same time achieve personal and organizational goals.

Our team is creative and possess a highly impregnable foundation where we are committed to deliver flawless services as output to the clients. As a budding firm we pursue to achieve excellence in delivering our services by enhancing our research based aptitude and innovation and originative thinking.

AMTAG Global, as an organization, believes that learning should be a never ending process; henceforth, we are very much open for research and re-research and are absolutely adhered to the agile model of development. We, as a team, are focused for perfection in all of our endeavors.